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Through May 30, 2024




At the Movies
Leon Bibel
stone lithograph 1938

We’re celebrating something wonderful.


Several of Leon Bibel’s WPA prints are in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. For its New York 2020 selection of calendars and engagement books, they have chosen one of Leon’s images. We are over-the-moon! And, Leon’s work was also included in Art: The Met 365 Masterpieces 2020 as well.

So to go along with the news, our current autumn/winter exhibition focuses on printmaking from the 1930s and 40s in the main galleries. Leon is joined by  work by William Sanger, Elias Grossman, Lowell Bobleter, Doris Lee, Harry Shokler, Gifford Beal, among others. The focus is mostly on New York images, but not exclusively.

We also have a pairing of a gouache study and the silk screen version of one of Leon’s most famous images…Descending, and several of his watercolors and drawings, all done when he participated in the New York City WPA Federal Art Art Project.

To bring us further along in 20th century art, we’re also showing several of Leon’s abstract paintings from the 60s and “carpentered paintings” from the 1970s.

We’re making available a pdf of Leon’s very comprehensive credits, so please let us know if you would like that sent to you via e-mail.

As always, a wide selection of the work of our superb gallery artists is available, with each one having a selection in their sections on our website.

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An announcement:
 We’ve at last entered the modern age, and finally have a smart phone. That might be very hard for most people to imagine…that we actually lasted this long floundering in the medieval era of communication. We had, and actually still have, strong reservations about the technology…how it takes over so many aspects of privacy and seems to invade so much thinking time. This concern can’t be the focus here. We finally realized that some of the positive aspects are worth looking at.

But, our trusty land line is still the best way to reach us…along with e-mail.

Explore selections from the exhibition … click a thumbnail image below to browse through a slideshow. We eliminated pagination, so the first time you load the images, it might take a bit of time. Thank you for your patience.

Please enjoy! And, we’d love for you to visit…