The Brooklyn Collection

At Park Slope Gallery, we are passionate about historic Brooklyn!

We actually began collecting antique and vintage Brooklyn art and ephemera well before the gallery opened over 25 years ago. Brooklyn is such an amazing place, once an independent city in its own right, with bustling industry, culture, farming, and so much land at the water’s edge. It really could have been an independent COUNTRY in the 19th century.

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bklyncol-lower-manhattan-frm-estebyBrooklyn produced or was home to hundreds and hundreds of the most remarkable writers, artists, scientists, and entertainers—the list is virtually endless. Immigrants from all over the world settled here and brought their skills and culture. Many of the great stone carvers who decorated so many of our historic buildings lived here and gave us a lasting gift that we continue to cherish.

It’s impossible to squeeze a love song to Brooklyn in a few paragraphs. We have decided to devote an entire section of our website to our favorite borough.

In this section, you’ll find just the hint of our extensive collection, which spans from the 19th century through the present. There are vintage paintings, drawings, watercolors, postcards, trade cards, historic plates, lithographs, steel engravings, sheet music, maps, and many other odd and lovely pieces capturing many of the different facets of the place we call home, Brooklyn.


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