Roger Dumont

ROGER DUMONT is a contemporary folk artist from Québec who fashions wooden birds out of found wood and other materials. His sculptures are full of personality and whimsy. They are the truest expressions of folk art.

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While filling a wood stove one winter night in Québec, Roger saw something in a branch that resembled a duck. He went into his basement and carved the wood until the bird took form in his hands. Since then, he has carved thousands of birds out of found materials, respecting the grain and knots and curves of each piece of wood; every bird has its own “persona.” Roger’s wife Céline sometimes participates in the painting, adding her own whimsy to the birds’ personalities.

Roger’s myriad of birds and other species form their own society, completely separate from our own. The birds come to life and naturally interact with one another when placed together because of their expressive shapes and painted faces and feathers. As if nothing were unusual, Théophile asks, “Avez-vous vu ma bicyclette?” Roger opens up this private world for us and invites us to decipher the language of his avian friends.roger-et-ami

After 5 long years, we at last visited our beloved Québec once again. We visited Roger’s studio and fell in love with a new crop of creatures. They are always so irresistible! They have joined our collection and even started up a few conversations. We hope that you love them as much as we do.

One great note:

There is a glorious book that we recently became aware of called, “Sculpteurs en Art Populaire au Québec” by Adren Lavasseur.

Our dear Roger is featured in the book, which is a wonderful illustrated compendium of Québec folk art. There is actually a second volume as well.

We have a copy at the gallery to look through… for those of you who are collectors of Roger’s work…and anyone who might be interested in the folk art of Québec.

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