LEON BIBEL was an extraordinary and compelling artist who was part of the New York City W.P.A. Federal Art Project in the 1930’s. His work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, among many others. He was truly passionate about labor and union issues and concerned with justice as it impacted the very poor during the Depression.

After 20 years of working with Leon and then with his family, we are now concentrating our attention on his later body of work. He was remarkably prolific and intensely active well past the end of the WPA projects.

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His large-scale paintings from the 60’s and sculptures from the 70’s and 80’s reveal the extremely broad range of his immense talent as he explored new forms, subjects, and media.Bibel Upper Harlem River

Leon never stopped being challenged and worked on various art projects throughout his life. His devotion to creating art was profound and he had a great deal to say. From recently discovered vintage political cartoons to abstract paintings, with many twists and turns along the way, Leon gave his all to his life as an artist.

You can read a recent article about Leon in the Journal of the Print World here.

Please click here for the news of our new film, Leon Bibel: Art & Activism in the WPA, an essay, and best of all, the film itself!

Recent Park Slope Gallery News:

Park Slope Gallery is very pleased to let you know about a recent exhibition of Leon Bibel’s activist work at the University of Richmond. Presented as part of a year-long interdisciplinary focus on “Art and Activism”, the exhibition offers perspective on the power of activist art to challenge the doctrines of exploitation, and to focus awareness on social justice.

Click here to view a pdf essay written by Phyllis Wrynn and published by the University of Richmond for this recent exhibition.

Park Slope Gallery is delighted to have Leon Bibel’s work getting such widespread attention.

We’d like to let you know that the Living New Deal/Still Working for America website has a link to Leon Bibel: Art & Activism in the WPA and its accompanying essay. We encourage you to visit their very comprehensive site as they cover all aspects of the history of the New Deal…a great learning experience! Their astonishing collection of New Deal mural art is superb. And it is a living…ongoing project to document New Deal treasures that need protection and restoration. Bravo!

We’d also like to mention that Leon’s artwork and a link to his film are also on the Gotham Center for New York City History website in the Garment Industry History Initiative section. The Gotham Center is an amazing resource for all things New York City. They have great programming with phenomenal guest speakers. We highly recommend checking out all that they offer. They are an NYC treasure!

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