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Through September 7, 2024


Bibel - Refugees
Leon Bibel
As war raged in Europe in the last century, Leon listened to the radio as he worked on his art. In 1938, as the Spanish Civil War was claiming some of his colleagues, he painted Refugees, a searing image of the effects of war on families desperately fleeing to safety. The immediacy of the conflict, and the helplessness, is captured with astonishing intensity.
Will this madness ever stop?
Almost a century later, we are witnessing an attempt to erase the Ukrainian people and culture by one madman. Ukraine is in our hearts and minds. We weep, but Ukraine must prevail.
There is no alternative.

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Park Slope Gallery specializes in the art of the era of the WPA Federal Art Project,and American mid-century art and design.  We represent the estate of Leon Bibel, who participated in the New York City Federal Art Project of the WPA, and who in the early 1960s transitioned to large scale oil paintings. In the 1970s, he developed a very unique wood sculpture format, “carpentered painting”.


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