Fifteen Years: The Way We Were

The Incomparable Black and White Photography of George Forss

Silver Gelatin Prints 1977-2000

Fifteen Years: The Way We Were

2016 was the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001.

We felt that we needed to mark the moment and curated an exhibition of George Forss’ extraordinary black and white silver gelatin prints from 1977 through 2000 in which the Twin Towers were part of the composition.


Since the Towers were the tallest elements of the New York City landscape, they naturally appeared in many of George’s New York City portraits during the years when he was recording the city.


We have decided to keep this exhibition together permanently on our website. It was incredibly moving to be surrounded by the actual works during the course of the exhibition. We want to share the experience, as is possible, in this digital environment.


“George Forss gives us images of extraordinary vitality. He sees with an incisive eye and haunting spirit. I have seen no photographs of recent years as strong and as perceptive.”

Ansel Adams

“I feel in these striking photographs the pulse of a sensitive eye that is not overcast by ‘concepts’.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson

“Unbelievable! Great photographs of New York–This man can see!”
Alfred Eisenstaedt

“Forss’ photographs are portraits that unveil the hidden face of the city, to reveal the magical innocence behind the grime–the surrealistic poetry behind the harsh reality.”
Yousuf Karsh

“The photographs of George Forss confirm the notion that true genius will emerge despite the greatest odds.”
Gordon Parks

“Forss’ talents are special–he captures New York, after all. I hope his book is as successful as a fine evening over our harbor.”
Norman Mailer