Spring Into Summer

vintage cabin sign

Spring into Summer: A Quirky Mix

May 11th through September 2018

Although spring took its time in arriving, it has finally started to work its magic in erasing the memory of a very stormy and grey winter.
Our tradition for this time of the year is to splash color on the gallery walls… and soak it in.
So, here goes:
• a mix of seasonal offerings of the city, the country, and the shore
• folk art in several media, both vintage and contemporary
• works by our superb gallery artists

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Keeping to another tradition, we’re showing vintage and contemporary Brooklyn and New York City-related pieces, including vintage maps, ephemera, and art in a variety of media. And, there are many new pieces in our bins and browsers to look through when you visit.

As you may have noticed, we are still revamping our website, trying to hone in on the way forward as technological changes never stop their constant morphing. Who ever thought that looking at fine art on a phone could or would ever make any sense? And yet, we have to somehow take that phenomenon into account. What is clear at present is that on different devices, and in different browsers, the site doesn’t always appear exactly as we would like it to. It is just a consequence of this new world that we’re in. At this point, after so many attempts at perfection across all platforms, we can always try do our best, but please know that it might not be as ideal as our vision. Hopefully any glitches will not get in the way of your enjoyment of the treasures we are presenting.

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Explore selections from the exhibition … click a thumbnail image below to browse through a slideshow.