Throughout the years, your notes and emails conveying appreciation for your experiences with Park Slope Gallery have meant so much to us! We focus on just a few of them here and thank you for letting us know how you feel.

Your frames and your design sense is still my favorite over the years and I love everything you and Mitch ever made! Thank you for all the beauty you have put in my life! DK…

 I was so stunned and delighted, I hardly know how to express how happy I am.  I don’t know how many of the people who bring you artwork burst into tears of joy when they see what you have done . . . I wasn’t crisp and businesslike at all.  Quite overwhelmed.- AB

SO they do not make framers like you and Mitch in Massachusetts!!  I have looked.- WR

 Thanks, Phyllis and Mitch, for the fabulous work you did on Rose, Sally and Herve. All look like a million bucks. – M.

 As always, I appreciate the wonderful care and attention you show to me and to my artwork.  Regards, K.

Ray loves the pictures… and is really happy with your “vision.”  He agrees that both tapestries should be downstairs and loves his print near his work table.   It feels so much more like home.  Thank you! – J.

Everything went well. The gallery was excited about the pieces and I should see them tomorrow night.  Thanks again. They look amazing. – D.

One very NICE reality is the wonderful art all over our walls.  David loves it, I love it, and many people have taken pleasure in it.  It is truly wonderful, and inspires me to yet another great step forward in clearing out and tidying up.  Every picture you and Mitch hung, whether ones you worked on or ones you rehung here, looks so much at home now!  As if they belong! – A.


We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new art.  This is the first big art purchase we have made, and we patiently waited until we found something that really spoke to us.

We hung everything last night and it looks fantastic. Thanks for the spectacular work and loving care you put into everything. – AM

I thoroughly enjoyed the visit today. Thank you so much for spending almost three hours with me and sharing your passion for Leon Bibel’s art.  He will be in my scholarly consciousness and subconsciousness, from where something good may come in the future. -SPW

…Thanks for the extraordinary work you always do for us.  We are privileged…  A

He loved it!  He loved the frame!  Thank you for doing the rush job.

Just thought you’d like to know that Arnold is very happy with the way the paintings look– he’s on site at the armory even now, setting up the booth. Can’t wait to see them there myself. Thank you so very much for all the brilliant work you did.

Congratulations to you all for a great show.  Jerry and I were discussing how your work is truly an art form in itself.  The love, passion, and thought are so evident.-WJ.