A Celebration of Smalls

Treasures for Small Spaces

Through April 2018

These days, the world can seem intense, overwhelming, monumental. It can be noisy. It can be frantic. It can be crowded. It can be BIG.

In going through our collection, I was struck by the appeal of smaller works to my sensibilities at this moment. Smalls that you need to be close up to see…to really look at, are very rewarding. They aren’t wall coverings that you pass without noticing. You have to make a commitment. You have to get close. You can open yourself up to be enamored by the attention to detail. You can concentrate. It is calming.

So, we are dedicating our galleries for the Spring 2018 season to the exploration of small works in every medium on the planet, works as early as the 17th century to contemporary pieces. From etchings and linocuts to drawings, watercolors, and paintings, there are original small treasures to fall in love with.

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There is also a selection of small vintage textile pieces, vintage advertising, sheet music, and unusuals like puzzles.

We are presenting in themes… and in juxtapositions… to shake things up. There is an exploration of portraits from the 17th century through the 21st. There are sublime pen and ink drawings by Leon Bibel that are so finely done, you want to swoon. There is a nod to La Grosse Pomme…The Big Apple… and all the ways it is so compelling. The art of the print is explored…in all its diversity. Political issues that make us think need consideration.

Vintage photographs that tell stories, apart from the current rage of non-stop image capture, seem more precious. Luminous watercolors and collages by Hazel Jarvis, intersecting several of the show themes, reveal versatility and passion. Pieces that highlight elements of design, and charming folk art smalls are more treats for the eye. George Forss, who often prints large and extraordinary silver gelatin black and white photographs, has images here on a very different scale.

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Explore selections from the exhibition … click a thumbnail image below to browse through a slideshow.